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We all use many different products every day. Electronics, electrical appliances, and gadgets are a regular part of our lives, as are the myriad other things we pick up and put down, and the medications we take on a regular basis. We shouldn’t have to think about whether or not they are safe for us to use. Sometimes, safety isn’t top on the agenda of the companies that create these products, and the result is damage to us and our property, some of which can be very serious and life-altering.
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Safety Is Not A Benefit, It Is A Requirement

Products malfunction all the time; it is impossible to create the perfect product — whatever it is — with every single model that comes off the line. However, companies frequently rush their products to market without taking into account the following problems:

  • Defective or dangerous design of the product
  • Defective or dangerous manufacture of the product
  • Failure to warn the public of dangers from the product, known by the manufacturer

All of these situations open the company to be held liable for the product, its actions, and the resulting damage caused to the consumer.

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Defective Products Cases Settled By Accomplished Attorneys Who Practice In Tacoma

When you work with us, you get our knowledge, ability, and investment in your case. Our lawyers keep their volume of clients small so that they have the time to focus on each person individually, giving him or her the attention he or she deserves. We will listen to your explanation of what happened and how it has affected your life. Your story will help us show how the manufacturer of the product that caused you harm was at fault and help bring it to justice.

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