Dangerous Medical Devices

Modern medicine is coming up with all sorts of life-saving and life-improving devices that they claim are safe for us to use. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the introduction of these products to market, and pharmaceutical companies are required to comply with FDA regulations when testing and manufacturing products. That doesn’t stop things from slipping through the cracks or being approved without thorough research done on the long-term effects or durability of some of these products. This failure on the part of the manufacturers can cause you permanent damage.
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Sometimes Things Are Too Good To Be True

Your doctor may prescribe the latest “miracle cure” to help you, whether it is a prescription drug, a medical device or an implant. As time goes on, that “cure” may do you serious damage because of improper manufacturing, defective or dangerous design, or failure on the part of the manufacturer to warn of hazards or instruct on proper use of the drug or device. Products that have caused this kind of damage are:

It is also possible that your doctor made a mistake in the implementation of a product or in prescribing you a certain medication. Any of these occurrences are considered negligence on the part of the doctor or manufacturer, and they should be held accountable.

How We Can Help You

We have more than 40 years of combined experience in successfully resolving medical malpractice cases. Our lawyers keep their caseloads small in order to give your case their full attention. We will listen to your story, review your medical records, and gather evidence of the negligence done to you. We work closely with medical experts who can evaluate your current condition and show where a product failed or where a doctor used it improperly. We also consult with life care experts to evaluate your continuing needs to maintain a good quality of life in order to get you fair and full compensation for your injuries.

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