When Mistakes Are Made At Hospitals

Hospitals tout their excellent records on customer satisfaction, cleanliness and treatment. When we go to a hospital, we believe we are entering an environment that is safe, and we believe we are working with an institution that will take care of us. Errors happen all the time, and some of those errors lead to serious injury, even death. When that happens, you need to take action.
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A Place Of Safety And Healing

Hospitals are supposed to be where we go to be cured and to heal. When we go in for a procedure, or we go into the emergency room in a time of crisis, we anticipate coming out feeling better than when we entered. Because of the different routines, requirements, and methods of the many employees in a hospital, there is no guarantee of that happening.

Unfortunately, hospitals may try to cover their mistakes to avoid being held accountable. This leaves you in an impossible situation of being in pain and having to pay the medical bills associated with their negligence.

Examples Of Hospital Errors And Negligence

There are many things that can go wrong while you’re in the hospital. Some of them are:

  • Medication errors (too much medication or too little medication)
  • Negative drug interactions
  • Allergic reactions
  • Anaphylactic shock
  • Receiving the medication at the wrong time
  • Infections
  • Neglect of patient
  • Not responding to diagnostic alarms

Any of these things can lead to organ damage, tissue damage, brain damage, or death.

Holding The Hospitals Accountable For Their Mistakes

Our Seattle hospital error attorneys have more than 40 years of combined experience in successfully resolving medical malpractice suits. Our firm is not a mill; we keep our caseload small in order to give your case our full attention. We work closely with medical experts to show where the mistakes occurred, how they should have been handled and how this will affect you for the rest of your life. We will work diligently to get you proper and just compensation for your injuries.

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