When Your Doctor Makes A Mistake, We Are Here For You

We expect doctors and medical professionals to have the correct knowledge and training to cure us and not damage us. We put our lives in their hands, literally and figuratively, when we follow their directions and give our permission for their treatment. There are times when unforeseen circumstances do occur. There are also times when a catastrophe could have been averted, if the doctor or medical professional had been paying more attention to what he or she was doing.
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Decisions With Disastrous Results

Doctors, nurses and aides make mistakes. When they affect someone’s life by causing that person serious or irreversible damage, they should be held accountable. Some of these situations are covered up, blamed on a medical mystery that no one has any knowledge about. Some of the life-changing mistakes that doctors and medical professionals make are:

Tacoma And Throughout The State Of Washington, Our Attorneys Represent Sufferers Of Medication Errors

Johnson Flora Sprangers PLLC has litigated hundreds of medical malpractice cases and understands the in-depth research and expertise that goes into successfully resolving them. We will examine your medical records to see where errors were made. We will consult with medical professionals who are experts in their fields as to how procedures or conduct should have taken place and how the errors will affect you for the rest of your life. Or, if you lost a loved oneas a result of a doctor’s negligence, we will explore how your family member could have been saved. We will work with life care planners to ensure that the compensation you recover will allow you to have a good quality of life, whatever your injury.

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