Helping Victims Of Dangerous And Defective Drugs

Medications and prescription drugs seem to be a part of everyday life for many people. Our government puts safeguards in place to prevent dangerous or defective drugs from reaching the market, so we don’t think twice about taking medications that may cause us harm. If you end up with permanent health problems because of taking a medication, the company that manufactured it or the doctor who prescribed it should be held accountable.
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Proper Testing And Analysis Expected

Pharmaceutical companies have a habit of rushing new medications to market with the altruistic belief that they will help people who are suffering, but also with the intense need to make money from them to cover the costs of research and development as well as to pay their shareholders. Because of this, it can be years before adverse reactions are discovered in patients who have been using these drugs. People who take these drugs, believing they are doing something to help, often end up worse off than had they not started with a prescription or regimen.

Examples of problems caused by medications are:

  • Heart attack
  • Brain damage
  • Nerve damage
  • Cancer
  • Organ damage
  • Tissue damage
  • Negative drug interactions
  • Death

In some of these cases, the drug itself is to blame. In others, the doctor doesn’t review a patient’s full medical record and makes an incorrect prescription.

Seeking Reparations For Those Harmed By Dangerous Drugs

Our lawyers deliberately keep a smaller caseload in order to give your case their full attention. We listen to your story and do in-depth research into your situation. We work with medical experts to determine what happened, where things went wrong and who should be held accountable, as well as what the long-term effects on your health and life will be. We work with life care planners to assess what your needs will be and use this information to seek fair and full compensation for the damage done to you.

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