Compassionate Help For Parents Of An Injured Child

Having a baby should be one of the most joyful times in your life. The pain that comes when you discover your child has preventable birth injuries is devastating and infuriating. When doctors, medical professionals, and hospitals make mistakes, they may try to blame it on circumstances “beyond their control” when the truth is that they were not following proper procedure or paying attention.
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Accountability For Your Child’s Condition

Negligence that occurs during labor and delivery or post-delivery care can permanently damage the brain, body, health and well-being of your child, and cost considerable money, time, and anguish. We will investigate the circumstances of the damage done to your baby and work with expert medical witnesses who can show what proper procedure should have been and how it was deviated from.

King County Attorneys Representing Parents Dealing With A Birth Injury

We have successfully litigated many medical malpractice suits here in Washington State. We have the experience and the resources to see that you and your child are fully compensated for the injury done to your baby. Our attorneys give your case the attention it deserves in order to bring it to a positive resolution. They also understand the intricacies of these cases, and work with medical experts to prove negligence on the part of the doctor, nurses and hospital where your labor and delivery took place.

Serious Results From Preventable Mistakes

Things can go wrong during labor and delivery, but modern medicine makes so many of them preventable that there is often no excuse for the occurrence. Our firm has handled cases involving many medical mistakes, including:

  • Improper delivery
  • Delayed delivery
  • Asphyxia during labor and delivery
  • Highly elevated bilirubin
  • Trauma from forceps and vacuum extractor deliveries
  • Failure to monitor or respond to infant’s condition
  • Failure to monitor or respond to mother’s condition
  • Failure to perform C-section
  • Improperly performed C-section or emergency C-section

The results of these mistakes can be:

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