When Your Needs Haven’t Been Met By Your Previous Attorney, It’s Time To Talk To Us

When you hire a lawyer, you expect that he or she will be attentive to your case, return your calls promptly, and answer your questions. You also expect to be able to understand your bill when you receive it and not be charged unreasonable fees for legal services.If you’re having problems with your attorney and those problems are costing you financially, both in terms of the case your attorney should be pursuing and in terms of what he or she is charging you, you have the right to collect damages for the injury done to you.
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Suing For Negligence

If your lawyer’s negligence has damaged your lawsuit or business transaction, you may be entitled to compensation. Your current lawyer may be mismanaging funds owed to you or that you placed in his or her care, something that can happen in probate, trust, and business law situations. As frustrating as it is to have to sue your lawyer, it might be your only hope of recovering your losses.

Our Lawyers Are Equipped To Handle Attorney Misconduct Cases

Our law firm is on the leading edge of legal malpractice law in Washington State. Attorney Mark Johnson brought one of the very first legal malpractice suits to trial in 1982, and he annually puts on a two-day seminar on lawyer ethics and legal malpractice for the Washington State Bar Association.

Our attorneys keep their caseloads small in order to focus attention on your case. When required, we work with legal experts to show how your current lawyer deviated from the standard of care expected of him or her and how it affected you and your case. We handle cases in all legal practice areas.

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You can reach the attorneys of Johnson Flora Sprangers PLLC at 206-386-5566 or you can send us an email. All cases are taken on a contingency basis so you don’t pay a fee unless your case is successfully settled.