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Artificial Intelligence and the Law – Revolution or Evolution?

It is inescapable. Lately there has been a lot of buzz about artificial intelligence (AI). Recently, I came across three articles that caught my attention:

  • The Los Angeles Times, "Uber says it will bring its flying taxis to Los Angeles in 2020;"
  • Forbes, "Our Driverless Future Begins As Waymo Transitions To Robot- Only Chauffeurs;" and
  • KCBA Bar Bulletin, "Driverless Car Law: Coming Soon to a Highway Near You." FN1

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A (Gene) Baker's Dozen of Legal Malpractice Claims and Risk Management Suggestions

Gene Barton, the editor of the KCBA Bar Bulletin, has given us "Baseball" as a theme for this issue. Not wanting to disappoint our Peerless Leader, the following discussion of 13 risk and claims management suggestions for lawyers is written not in honor of someone who makes and sells bread and pastries, and who, from time to time, generously adds an extra doughnut, but of Gene Baker, the second baseman for the Chicago Cubs from, primarily, 1954-56.
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It’s been over 36 years since Mark Johnson brought one of Washington’s first legal malpractice lawsuits, and together with Michael Sprangers, Mark is still helping clients obtain the justice their first attorneys failed to secure.
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Traumatic brain injuries may cause lasting damage

When people are involved in auto collisions, big or small, they run the risk of receiving a brain injury. In fact, any type of sudden impact to the head may result in brain injuries . Due to the brain's delicate structure, a single blow may cause the soft tissue to reverberate within the skull cavity and hit against the hard skull bone. Not only can this cause superficial and deep bruising within the brain, but it may lead to bleeding and gradual brain inflammation. There are many effects of brain damage, and some may have a long-lasting impact on a person's behavior, ability to work and overall quality of life.
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Raising Money for civil legal aid and benefiting low-income children, individuals, and families of Washington

On February 17, 2017, Mark Johnson and Michael Sprangers attended the 2017 Charles A. Goldmark Distinguished Service Award Luncheon. The Award is presented to exceptional individuals or organizations that have assisted in providing deep and meaningful access to the justice system for low-income children, individuals, and families.
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"Never" events during surgery: medical malpractice standards

Medical errors in surgery occur more frequently than people think, according to a study released in the journal Surgery. The study reports that medical errors occur approximately 500 times a year on the average. The report discovered more than 9,700 medical malpractice claims were settled from September 1990 to September 2010.
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New federal study finds nursing facilities deficient in care planning

Let's face it: the nursing home industry does not have an exactly stellar reputation. It's not difficult to find stories in the media about allegations and findings of nursing home abuse and neglect of our elderly and disabled relatives and friends. The stress is unbearable of worrying about a loved one in a nursing facility when you suspect poor treatment.
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Truck accidents: Driver distraction a growing problem

In King County the sight of a commercial truck is a common one, especially since there are two major interstates that cut through the Seattle area. Due to their size, these big rigs can cause a lot of damage when they are involved in a truck accident and it is important for the drivers of these commercial vehicles to eliminate the risk of accident for others on the road around them.
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Motorcycle Injuries and Accidents Persist in Washington

The Seattle Times reports that a Seattle, Washington police officer remains in critical condition, in Harborview Medical Center's Intensive Care Unit, after being struck by a car while riding his motorcycle. While his injuries are considered serious, a police sergeant explained to the Seattle Times, that he is expected to recover from them.
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Drunk driving continues to take a toll in Washington

Drunk drivers engage in reckless driving behavior, often resulting in horrendous car crashes which cause severe injuries such as traumatic brain injury.
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Senior citizens at increased risk of being involved in fatal crashes

Senior citizens usually have decades of driving experience, but as people age, it can become more dangerous for them to drive.
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Washington pedestrian accidents: the basics

Washington pedestrians can be seriously injured or killed in traffic accidents.
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Traffic fatalities rise dramatically in Washington and nationwide

Traffic fatalities are increasing dramatically in both Washington and across the United States.
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Medical errors a leading cause of death in U.S., study finds

A new study out of Johns Hopkins finds that over 250,000 deaths annually are the result of medical errors.
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Mark Johnson's Publications:

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Donovan Flora's Publications:

Mishandled Medical Malpractice Case Leads to Legal Malpractice Verdict , (co-authored with Mark Johnson), WSTLA Trial News, October 2001

Legislating medical negligence, WSTLA Trial News, January 2000

A child's statute of limitations for injury caused by health care, WSTLA Trial News, January 1993


Washington law and distracted driving: Changes in 2018

Washington lawmakers recently enacted the Driving Under the Influence of Electronics Act. The law makes it illegal to hold an electronic device while operating a vehicle. Lawmakers wrote the law to go into effect on January 1, 2019. The governor significantly shortened this timeline. The law ultimately went into effect in July of 2017.

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